Harvest Acuity VisionSys-EM Visual acuity charts that are full featured, but designed with the focus on a simple interface and efficient workflow. $875.00 In stock! Order now!


Display Systems for Visual Acuity

Testing visual acuity is a key part of any comprehensive eye examination. Computerized systems improve the classic eye chart as they provide a means to precisely calibrate the chart size, isolate lines, and randomize the optotypes. However, these improvements often come at the expense of full computer system, with all the configuration, maintenance and IT support which that entails.

We offer an alternative for visual acuity testing, the VisionSys-EM. The VisionSys-EM displays to an standard High Definition LED monitor and works well in standard 20 ft lanes as well as short lanes and mirror setups. The system boots directly to the EyeChart program, providing an instant-on capability and a simple reliable interface.


A Dedicated Hardwave Device

  • Always-on device, no computer required
  • Simple navigation based RF remote control
  • Easy calibration and setup

Selectable Optotypes

  • Sloan letter set and numbers, with ETDRS font/layout
  • Pediatric charts, with Allen figures and symbols
  • Tumbling-E, 4 and 2 orientation tests
  • HOTV, with optional crowding bars

Fixation Targets

  • Images and shapes (sun, balls, cartoon puppy)
  • Adjusted sizes, small, medium and large
  • Animated with slow rotation and rocking motions
  • Triggered variations (puppy blinks, sun smiles, etc)

Video and Image Playbacks

  • Playback of videos and images from microSD card
  • Patient Education and childrens video samples included
  • Accepts common formats (H.264, WebM, jpg, png, gif)
  • Monitor contains integrated speakers

Contrast Sensitivity

  • Sloan letter display with variable contrast
  • Adjustable acuity levels and contrast levels
  • Eight logarithmically spaced low-contrast levels

Astigmatism and Grid Testing

  • Annotated radial lines
  • Compound and concentric circles
  • Amsler Grid

Ocular Alignment

  • Red/Green crosshairs
  • Worth 4-dot test
  • Single white dot

Adjustable Display

  • Brightness control for proper luminescence
  • Reverse rendering in all modes for mirrored viewing
  • Duo-chrome (Red/Green) background

Scaling Options

  • Snellen Ratios: 20/10, 20/15, 20/20, 20/25, 20/30, 20/40, 20/50, 20/60, 20/70, 20/80, 20/100, 20/200, 20/300, 20/400
  • LogMAR Scaling: -0.2 to 1.1
  • Fully adjustable lane length, 5ft to 30ft
  • Multi-line, single line, column, and single letter options.

Online Demo

Click on Remote


"Navigate the main menu with up/down buttons, use OK button to select and HOME button to return to menu."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy and warranty?
We process returns for a full refund within 30 days for any reason. The products are warrantied for 12-months from the date of purchase, and we will replace any failed hardware during that time.

I already have an LCD display, can I reuse it with this system?
We do sell the VisionSys-EM processor unit seperately for those practices that already have a suitable LCD monitor (16:9 aspect ratio, 1080p vertical resolution, an HDMI input, and integrated speakers) and wish to use that for the display. However, bundling the monitor-kit with the processor provides a tested configuration which includes everything you need including a wall mount bracket.

I'd like to outfit two lanes, will the remote controls interfere with each other?
The remote controls are digitally keyed to their receivers, so several may be used in the same room (or nearby rooms) at one time without interference.

How are videos and images loaded onto the device
The system comes with a microSD card and a USB card reader. Customer videos and images are simply copied onto the card from a MAC or PC computer using the USB card reader. When the card is inserted into the VisionSys-EM processor they are available to play (and switch between) from the main menu.

What video formats are supported
Several common video formats are accepted, however, the recommendation on video is H.264 encoded at HD720 resolution (1280x720), with ACC audio encoding. All videos and images, regardless of pixel density, will be scaled to full screen during playback. The system comes with several example videos and images. Audio output is through the HDMI connector, along with the video output. Therefore a monitor with integrated speakers (such as included in the Monitor Kit) is recommended.

How long have you been in business?
We began selling acuity products in the spring of 2013.

Do you offer installing, training, or other support?
At this time we are not able to offer installing or other on-site support.

Meet The Owner

The short story:
Harvest Digital LLC is a small business, founded in 2013, and dedicated to the application of technology to simplify acuity testing.

The back story:
I'm an electrical engineer, with an expertise in software for embedded systems. One day my brother, an ophthalmologist, asked me why it took a $3000 computer system to display black letters on a white background.

It shouldn't, and I set out to work up something a little simpler for him based on a 10" android tablet.

That product evolved a few times and is now the VisionSys-EM, which couples a small embedded processor to a high-definition LCD display. It includes a rich chart set for acuity testing and capability for video and image playback, while keeping the focus on a simple intuitive interface.

Have any comments or questions? I'd love to hear from you!
David Cox
(757) 304-0682